Henrik Aanæs, Ph.D., M.Sc. (Eng)

I am associate professor (lektor) in computer vision at the Section for Image Analysis and Computer Graphics, at the Compute Department of the Technical University of Denmark. My primary research interests are concerned with 3D estimation from images (and other optical methods such as time of flight and optical scanners). Here 3D is understood broadly as camera motion as well as 3D geometry and radiometry of objects. I have, however, worked with – and have interests in – most areas of image analysis and computer vision, e.g. object recognition and image search and remote sensing.  As such I have been a reviewer for all major journals within the field, e.g. IEEE PAMI, IJCV, and IEEE TGRS.

I find it stimulating to apply my research to real problems, because it ensures relevance and helps me to innovate on solutions instead of adapting the problems. As such ca. 2/3 of the PhD students I advise(d) are in projects with direct involvement of companies from the targeted industry. This does not mean that I have not done more fundamental methodological research, as is hopefully seen from my research. This as also lead me to be involved with research management, e.g. as work package leader in the CIFQ and MADE projects. The latter is particularly interesting, in that it is a big and broad Danish initiative to heighten productivity in Denmark.

As a educator, I have taught a wide variety of courses within the area of image analysis and computer vision, and well as a course in geometry processing. The latter resulted in a book on the subject. I have also advised a considerable amount of student thesis, ca. 60 as of medio 2015. Students looking for a potential thesis subject should please refer to my teaching page.

Privately, I am married to Solveig Sturlaugsdottir, and we have two sons, Ingemar and Thorbjørn.

My contact information is:

Henrik Aanæs 
Technical University of Denmark
Building 321 room 224
e-mail: aanes@dtu.dk
tlf: +45 45 24 34 17

NB: without use of special letters my surname is spelled Aanaes


All my regular publications are indexed and ordered by our university library system, obit, accessible via the following link: My Official DTU Records. For a more digested version of my newer & current research please see my research page. Apart from this, I am currently also working on some lecture notes for computer vision, a link to these unfinished notes is here : my lecture notes.

Ph.D. Students Advised

As a seasoned university researcher most of ones research is done through the advising of PhD students, as such I here list the Ph.D. studies I have been involved in advising:

  • Anders Bjorholm Dahl, Computer Vision for Timber Harvesting, Finished 2009
  • Sigurjón Árni Guðmundsson, Use of Time of Flight for Computer vision, Finished 2010
  • Vedrana Andersen, Computer Vision Methods for Geometry Processing, Finished 2011
  • Katarzyna Gebal, Stocatisk Methods for Geometric Processing, Finished 2011.
  • Ali Özkil, Robot Navigation, Finished 2011.
  • Otto Nielsen. Food Imaging Quality, Finished 2014.
  • Martin Sandau, 3D scanning of Humans for Biometrics, Finished 2015.
  • Thomas Sølund, 3D Scanning for Robotics, Finishing 2016.
  • Emil Bøje Lind Pedersen, Enhancement of Nuclear Images, Finised 2015
  • Jannik B. Nielsen, Efficient radiometric Estimation, Finishing 2016.
  • Eyþór R. Eiríksson, 3D scanning for Additive Manufacturing, Finishing 2017.
  • Jonathan Dyssel Stets, Automating Consumer Behavior Analysis, Finishing 2017.
  • Sebastian Nesgaard Jensen, Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects, especially meet, Finishing 2017.
  • Rasmus Lyngby Kristensen, 3D Measurments of Wind Turbine Wings, Finishing 2018.
  • Jakob Wilm, Computer Vision Assisted Motion Correction in Medical Imaging, Finishing 2016.