Applying for Positions

I fully appreciate that often people need to write a lot of un solicited applications to get advanced student positions. You are welcome to send such to me, but I am getting so many that I can not reply individually to all. This is especially true for those that do not indicate that you have bothered to look at my research and/or read this far on my home page. So to save some time:

  1. I do not have funding for or accept interns.
  2. If I take on a PhD student I have to pay them, according to government regulations, which is c.a. the same as any other engineer employed in the state. So there need to be the full three year financing before we start. Also, any Ph.D. position will be posted on the designated part of the university homepage.
  3. C.a. twice a year our institute post a few Ph.D. positions where a student and faculty advisor can propose their own project. This is highly competitive (typically 2-5 for more than 100 faculty). Also, typically for me to get involved, I will need to know the candidate in advance or have references from someone within the field I know.

But like most anybody else I am naturally interested in top talent.