Teaching & Thesis Projects

I have been involved in many of the courses on computer vision and image analysis her at this institute, and currently teach in:

  • 02504 Computer Vision
  • 02506 Advanced Image Analysis
  • 02585 Computational Geometry Processing

To support this teaching I have co-authored a book on Computational Geometry Processing used in 02585 and published by Springer. I am also on my way to writing a new text – link to my computer vision lecture notes – used in 02504 and 02506.

Thesis Projects

I offer thesis (masters and bachelor) for students within relevant fields of study. I do not maintain a finished list of projects, since I believe that, since this is an individual course we can adapt to the individual student(s). So if you are DTU student, interested, and you think my field could be relevant for a project you are very welcome to send me a mail, aanes@dtu.dk.

As for choice of projects.

  1. I am generally open to discuss any project within my field, but please remember that if I (and especially some of my PhD students) are already working on a project, then we will be able to help you more on thesis that are closely related.
  2. I have a lot of contact with industry, and it is often possible for me to offer a project in collaboration with a company, solving real world problems.