Alberto Nannarelli

I was born in Orvieto (Italy) on the 18th of August 1963, and grew up there. In 1982, I graduated from high school "Liceo Classico Gualterio". During my teenage years, I practiced many sports, among them basketball and running - from the 3000m cross-country to the 100m (11'' was my best).

In the fall of 1982 I moved to Rome to attend the School of Engineering at the University "La Sapienza". I graduated in Electrical Engineering five and an half years later on the 24th of May 1988. My thesis work was on the VLSI implementation of Residue Number System (RNS) divide/multiply units. During those years, I traveled to Western European (Berlin's Wall was still standing) countries (Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway) and to the USA.

After my graduation, I temporarily worked as a teacher at Orvieto's professional school (teaching electronics) before being drafted by the Italian Army. I served for a year (1989) in the Granatieri di Sardegna specialty.

In 1990, I started my professional career in the industry. I worked first at ST Microelectronics in Agrate Brianza (Italy) as a design engineer involved in the characterization (delay, area and power) of libraries of standard cells. In the last part of 1991, I moved back to Rome where I joined Ericsson Telecom hired as a system/software engineer. During my two years at Ericsson, I spent six months in Stockholm.

A bit disappointed of working in a company: not challenging and routine tasks, I decided to go back to school to start a career oriented to the research rather than to the development.

In fall 1993, I entered the graduate School of Engineering at the University of California, Irvine (USA). I earned my MS degree in Electrical Engineering in 1995, and my Ph.D. in 1999. I worked mainly in the area of computer arithmetic (with emphasis on division and square root floating-point units) and in design for low-power, under the direction of Prof. Tomas Lang. In the summer of 1995, I worked for three months at Rockwell Semiconductor Systems (now Conexant) in Newport Beach (California, USA) as a summer intern developing multiply units for multimedia processors.

While in the States, I extensively traveled in the Southwest visiting cities and National Parks. One of my favorite places was Joshua Tree National Park, where I went several times.

Year 1998 was very important in my life. On the 4th of January, my daughter Chiara Elisa was born in Malmoe (Sweden), and on the 16th of April, I married Tanja in Orvieto.

In the summer of 1999, after my graduation, I came back to Italy with my family, and in September, I started working at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" as a post-doc researcher in the area of numerical processors and architectures for DSP. My research was focused on the design of several digital filters and processor besed on residue arithmetic (RNS and Quadratic RNS), reconfigurable processors for DSP applications, and power characterization of algorithms implemented on FPGAs. During about four years in Italy, I taught courses in Digital Systems, Computer Organization, and Digital Image Processing at the Universities of Rome "Tor Vergata" and Perugia (Orvieto campus).

These days (2003), I am an associate professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

The rest, next forty years, will come in 2043!

Alberto Nannarelli