Bibliography on Neuroinformatics

Finn Årup Nielsen
CIMBI at DTU Informatics and NRU Rigshospitalet
Lyngby and Copenhagen, Denmark

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Neuroinformatics references are collected, especially in the area of functional neuroimaging of the human brain. The emphasis is on tools for analysis of neuroscience data, particularly programs for functional neuroimaging. The original URL to this document is This bibliography is part of a larger collection of bibliographies that was begun in 2001 see The bibliography is written in LATEX and BIBTeX and should be available both as HTML and PostScript.

The bibliography is probably far from complete, but new references are added whenever the author finds new material and has the time to add them. You can email the author if corrections are required or you have found some references that you feel ought to be included:

Acknowledged are Lael Gatewood, Frédéric Schoenahl, Andrew Straw, Thomas E. Nichols and Yaroslav Halchenko. Much of the information in this bibliography is from the SPM mailing list posted by numerous researchers. Funding was provided through Lundbeck Foundation, the American Human Brain Project in the International Neuroimaging Consortium (INC), the European Union project MAPAWAMO, the Danish THOR Center for Neuroinformatics and the Villum Kann Rasmussen Foundation.

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