Jan Kloppenborg Møller

Associate Professor

Email: jkmo@dtu.dk

Time-Adaptive Quantile Regression

Quantile regression is a technique where quantiles can be modeled as a function of known covariates or regressors. In many systems it is reasonable to assume that parameters in the model evolve slowly in time. A software for dealing with such systems is available as a tar file here. The software is written in Matlab and is under development, please read the file “time_adap_qr.pdf” in the tar archive file.

A data-driven digital twin of water filtration.

Scripts used for the article:

Møller JK., Goranovic G., Brath P.., and Madsen H. (2022) "A data-driven digital twin of water ultrafiltration", Nature Communications Engineering 1,(23).

Can be downloaded here.

Likelihood-based inference in temporal hierarchies.

Supplementary material for the article:

Møller JK., Nystrup P., and Madsen H. (2023) "Likelihood-based inference in temporal hierarchies", International Journal of Forecasting., In Press

Can be downloaded here.

Statistical Modelling of Occupant behaviour

R-scripts and data for the book

Møller JK., Schweiker M., Andersen RK., Gunay B., Yilmaz S., Barthelmes VM., and Madsen H. (2024) "Statistical Modelling of occupant behaviour", CRC press, Boca Raton, ISBN: 978-032-33460-8.

Can be downloaded here.