Discrete Inverse Problems    

Discrete Inverse Problems: Insight and Algorithms

This book is published by SIAM in the series Fundamentals of Algorithms. It has 8 chapters, 46 exercises, and 213 pages.

The book uses the software from Regularization Tools.

Misprints as of April 15, 2015:

Videos with My Lectures

Videos with my lectures are available at DTU Podcasts and YouTube.

Suggestion for a Short Course

Lecture 1: Discrete Inverse Problems overheads + overheads Lecture 2: Regularization Methods overheads Lecture 3: Regularization Parameters overheads Lecture 4: Solving "Real" Problems overheads Lecture 5: Iterative Regularization overheads

Additional Material for a Longer Course

Lecture 6: Image Deblurring (currently no overheads) Lecture 8: Beyond the 2-Norm overheads