Siavash A. Bigdeli

I am a tenure-track associate professor for deep learning and computer vision at DTU, Visual Computing Section. Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at EPFL, hosted by Professor Sabine Süsstrunk. I obtained a Ph.D. from University of Bern under the supervision of Professor Matthias Zwicker. Prior to joining DTU, I was a senior scientist in CSEM.

I am interested in machine learning to build explicit and explainable statistical models for Computer Vision and Graphics applications.

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Selected publications


Tiziano Portenier, Siavash Bigdeli, Orcun Göksel
GramGAN: Deep 3D Texture Synthesis From 2D Exemplars
NeurIPS 2020


Siavash Bigdeli, Geng Lin, Tiziano Portenier, Lisa A. Dunbar, Matthias Zwicker
Learning Generative Models using Denoising Density Estimators
arxiv preprint 2020


Pedram Pad, Simon Narduzzi, Clement Kundig, Engin Turetken, Siavash Bigdeli, Lisa A. Dunbar
Efficient Neural Vision Systems Based on Convolutional Image Acquisition
CVPR 2020


Siavash Bigdeli, Meiguang Jin, Paolo Favaro, Matthias Zwicker
Deep Mean-Shift Priors for Image Restoration
NeurIPS 2017
In the news!


Siavash Bigdeli, Matthias Zwicker
Image Restoration using Autoencoding Priors
Best student paper award!