Bartof Café

The far famed Bartof Café (opening night 27 May 1992) is a nice place run by two friends of mine, Kim Christiansen and Joakim Friis-Holm. They both have backgrounds in the Danish anglophile acoustic music environment (among others Kim played with Scrumpy and Harp'n'Drum, and among many others Joakim played with Harp'n'Drum and he still plays with Ash Plant). This affinity to acoustic music is still reflected in the activities at Bartof, there is good music on several times a month, including also blues, jazz and rock. Check an example of the program here.

Bartof Café is situated at 46 Ndr. Fasanvej, DK-2000 Frederiksberg (in the Copenhagen area) and the phone number is +45 3886 9067. It's a great place. And if you wonder about the name, Bartof, it is a diminutive of the name of the people who ran a shop there earlier. Check here also.

Check Bartof Café's own homepage.

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