J. Andreas Bærentzen, Associate Professor, Computer Graphics

J. Andreas Bærentzen, Associate Professor of Computer Graphics

My research interests are mostly related to the representation, modelling, synthesis, and manipulation of 3D geometry (shapes) but I am broadly interested in graphics and also do work in real-time graphics.

The pictures above were rendered in Blender using the Cycles render engine. The shader mixes subsurface scattering, diffuse reflectance and glossy reflectance. A convoluted combination of noise, wave functions and mappings were used to give the appearance of marble. A slight displacement was used to make the stone seem imperfect not only in color but also in surface geometry. Most of the illumination used to be from an environment map, but with light from all directions the shading was so diffuse that it was hard to make out facial features, so I removed the map and instead use two powerful lightsources and a dark background for dramatic contrast. That seems to work. The 3D model of my head was scanned by Rasmus Paulsen using a commercial face scanner.

I (mainly) teach three courses:

  • 02580: Geometric Data Analysis and Processing,
  • 02563: Generative Methods in Computer Graphics, and
  • 02830: Advanced Project in Digital Media Engineering (with Jakob Eg Larsen).