Student Projects

Some advice on writing a master's thesis. The short version is simply that you should think about why you are doing this (motivation) set some very testable and precise goals that you can later claim to have met them.

At this point I used to have a list of possible MSc and BSc projects, but suggestions for concrete project proposals soon look rather dated, so here follow some more general remarks about what sort of projects I advise.

I am mostly interested in projects concerned with digital 3D shape - how do we represent, synthesize, and manipulate shape. For instance, projects could be concerned with

  • Interactive 3D modeling
  • Shape representation
  • Procedural methods for shape synthesis
  • Physically based simulation
  • Geometry processing methods
  • Reconstruction of shapes from point clouds or volume data
  • I am also interested in real-time rendering methods and, of course, computer graphics in general. Furthermore, note that BSc and MSc are often in collaboration with people from other departments or companies.