I teach the following MSc course in the Spring semester: Computational Data Analysis (02582). In August, I run a one-week PhD course on Applied computational Data Analysis (02910). I also teach in Statistical Evaluation of AI (02445).


Here is a list of some suggestions for student projects (most of my projects are in collaborations with companies or other departments):

  • Market Intelligence Data Analysis with DLi-MI.
  • Outlier detection.
  • Text mining for maintenance work.
  • Data/image analysis related to the Danish Meat Industry
  • Deep learning for time dependent signals
  • Data science within the pharmaceutial industry.
  • Finally, I would be happy to supervise more theoretic student projects (BSc, MSc) related to my research for Students with such interests. Please contact me for further details.

PhD Projects

Year Name On Completed
2015-2019 Jacob Søgaard Larsen Automated NIR management -
2015-2018 Peter Wæde Hansen Exploring the risk of complications and drug-drug interactions in atrial fibrillation: A data mining study -
2015-2018 Sabrina Woltmann Impact Assessment of University Research Yes
2015-2018 Agnes Martine Nielsen Statistical Learning with Applications in Biology Yes
2014-2017 Gudmundur Einarsson Computerised Quantification of Motions Associated with Psychiatric Disorders Yes
2014-2017 Amanda Lenzi Statistical modelling of space-time processes with applications in meteorology forecast and renewable energy Yes
2013-2016 Søren H. Welling Characterization of absorption enhancers for orally administered therapeutic peptides in tablet formulations - applying statistical learning Yes
2012-2015 Ruta Gronskyte Monitoring animal well-being Biostatistician at Novo Nordisk
2011-2015 Sara Sharifzadeh Multivariate Analysis Techniques for Optimal Vision System Design Postdoctoral research associate at Loughborough University
2009-2014 Tamara Sliusarenko Statistical analyses of campus net evaluation data Data Analyst, TDC

Master and Bachelor projects (No longer updated)

Year Name On What they went on to do
2015 Jacob Søgaard Larsen (MSc) Uncovering perceived quality of educators - Mining student comments and ratings PhD at DTU
2014-15 Maxim Khomiakov (MSc) Multivariate Pattern Analysis in Vehicles on Tracks and Wheels MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London
2014-15 Lars Holtse Bonde (MSc) Communication Between Brain Areas - Analyzing Neurodynamics on Single-Trial Level Consultant, NNIT
2014-15 Lene Sommer (MSc) Statistical analysis of calcium signaling in transgenic neurons Statistician, Novo Nordisk
2014 Anne Brandt Nielsen & Emilie Lundbye Dalsgaard (BSc) Statistical Modelling of Medical Doctors' Prescription Patterns MSc - DTU
2014 Xixuan Han (MSc) Dimension reduction by sparse representations of hyper-spectral image data PhD Student - The University of Hong Kong
2014 Monica Emerson (MSc) Novelty Detection of Foreign Objects Using Grating-Based Interferometry PhD Student - Image Analsyis, DTU
2013 Nicolas Tiaki Otsu (MSc) Classification of the anatomy on 3D scans of human heads Vision and automation engineer, Novo Nordisk
2013 Lilia Maria Montoya Hadvig (MSc) Charging flexibility analysis on electrical vehicle fleet data
2013 Christina Alfast Espensen (BSc) A Statistical Investigation of Outliers in Assessment in Engineering Education MSc - DTU
2012 Pietro Gori (MSc) Anatomical brain structures as biomarkers for Tourette PhD Student at INRIA - ICM, Paris, France
2010 Jakob Janot (MSc) Description of moisture distribution in bread based on multi-spectral images MSc Thesis Bioinformatics Research Scientist at Exiqon