Diploma (academic degree corresponding to MSc) in Mathematics from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science. Thesis title "Theory of Retracts".
Teacher of mathematics at the upper primary schoo Trnsko, Zagreb. Tutor of mathematics for high-school and university students.
MSc in information technology (line multimedia technology) from the IT University of Copenhagen. Took courses in signal processing, speech coding and recognition, algorithms and data structures, image analysis and computer vision. Carried out projects in signal processing on WLAN and RFID, speech coding and recognition, active appearance models (AMM) and eye-tracking using particle filter. Thesis title "Smoothing 3D Meshes using MRF".
PhD in applied mathematics from the Technical University of Denmark. Worked on the methods for describing the surface of 3D objects, with the focus on modeling geometric texture on surfaces. Developed an MRF-based surface prior for geometry reconstruction. Also developed a representation of geometric texture which allows for easy modeling, transferring and editing of non-heightfield textures. Spent half a year as a visiting researcher at Applied Geometry Lab, California Institute of Technology. Thesis title "3D Shape Modeling Using High Level Descriptors".


  • Mother of three children (born in 2001, 2002 and 2012).
  • Married, twice (to Per 2002-2009 and to Anders from 2013).
  • Moved from Croatia to Denmark in 2002.
  • Attended intensive Danish language course at K.I.S.S., passed studieprøven in 2004.