Mathematics, Informatics, Linguistics and Logic (MILL)

Jørgen Villadsen

Research Project

More to come... Nominalistic Logic (NL)

See also Multi-Agent Systems - Research & Teaching - Laboratory and Logic and Organization-Oriented Programming (LOOP)

Monograph Nabla: A Linguistic System Based on Type Theory (LIT-Verlag 2010)


Anders Schlichtkrull (MSc Special Course 2015)
Interactive Theorem Proving

Alexander Birch Jensen (MSc Special Course 2015)
Development of a Tool for Teaching Logic

Anders Schlichtkrull (MSc Special Course 2014)
Logical Systems and Functional Programming

Anders Schlichtkrull (MSc Special Course 2014)
Programming and Proving in Isabelle

Michael Sejr Schlichtkrull (BSc Project 2013)
A Logical Approach to Anaphora in Natural Language

Andreas Schmidt Jensen (PhD Special Course 2013)

Niklas Christoffer Petersen (MSc Project 2012)
A Logical Approach to Sentiment Analysis

Caspar Bak Ahrensberg (BSc Project 2012)
Automatic Recognition of Blog Entries

Niklas Christoffer Petersen (MSc Special Course 2012)
Logic, Language and Information

John Bruntse Larsen (MSc Special Course 2012)
A Proof Assistant for Higher-Order Logic

Jacobo Rouces Gonzalez (MSc Special Course 2011)
Automated Sequent Calculus

Ismail Faizi (BSc Project 2011)
A Description Logic Prover in Prolog

Jens Peter Träff (BSc Project 2011)
Integrating Visualization Software into Learning Objects

Andreas Hussing (BSc Project 2011)
Implementation of a Proof Assistant in Prolog

Andreas Leon Aagaard Moth (BSc Project 2011)
A Software Tool for Learning Syntax

Mikko Berggren Ettienne (BEng Project 2011)
Applied Multi-Agent Systems

Niklas Christoffer Petersen (MSc Special Course 2011)
Using Logic in Syntax and Semantics

Steen Vester (MSc Special Course 2011)
Multi-Agent Programming Contest

Johannes Svante Spurkeland (BSc Project 2010)
Using Paraconsistent Logics in Knowledge-Based Systems

Niklas Christoffer Petersen (BSc Project 2010)
Natural Language in Blocks Worlds

Michael Lunøe (BSc Project 2010)
A Logical Approach to Comparison of Music

Steen Vester (BSc Project 2010)
Verification System for Jason Programs

Andreas Schmidt Jensen (MSc Project 2010)
Multi-Agent Systems: An Investigation of the Advantages of Making Organizations Explicit

Abbas Amini (BSc Project 2010)
Snake Game as a Multi-Agent System

Andreas Schmidt Jensen (MSc Special Course 2009)
Implementing LEGO Agents Using Jason

Niklas Skamriis Boss & Andreas Schmidt Jensen (MSc Special Course 2009)
Multi-Agent Programming Contest

Niklas Skamriis Boss & Andreas Schmidt Jensen (MSc Special Course 2009)
Implementation of a Multi-Agent System

Andreas Holt (MSc Project 2008)
General Game Playing Systems

Søren Fallesen (BEng Project 2008)
Development of Multi-Agent Systems

Anders Christian Myrup (MSc Project 2008)
A Collaborative Filtering System for Recommending Music

Søren Fallesen (BEng Special Course 2008)
Programming Multi-Agent Systems

Anders Pedersen (BSc Project 2008)
Natural Language Interface to Command Line File Operations

Thorbjørn Kamlarczyk Rasmussen (BSc Project 2008)
Paraconsistent Higher-Order Logic for Knowledge-Based Systems

Morten Toxværd Nielsen (MSc Project 2008)
On Programming Languages for Rational Agents

Qian Wang (MSc Project 2007)
Investigation of Verifying Security Protocols

Søren Jakob Løvborg (BSc Project 2007)
Declarative Programming and Natural Language

Project Start 2007-01-01

Jørgen Villadsen 2014-10-10