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Frederik Krogsdal Jacobsen

I am a PhD student at DTU Compute since July 2021, working on User-Friendly Formal Methods, especially for distributed systems and using Isabelle/HOL.

My supervisor is Jørgen Villadsen, and my co-supervisor is Alceste Scalas. You can find more information, including a popular science abstract, on the department page about my project.

I am interested in formal methods, especially for safety critical embedded systems and distributed systems. This interest includes both hardware and software systems, especially if the systems also have hard real-time targets. I am also interested in formal methods in the context of teaching.

I am currently working on:

Please see my profiles on ORCID or dblp for a (somewhat) up-to-date list of publications.


Note: open access versions of most of these articles are available through DTU Orbit.


Published formalizations




Teaching and supervision

I am currently (co-)supervising the following student projects:

I have previously (co-)supervised the following student projects:

If you are interested in writing your BSc or MSc thesis (or doing a special course) on a topic related to my interests, please feel free to contact me!

I have been a teaching assistant in the following courses at DTU:

Other stuff

I have worked professionally as a software developer since 2013, last at the Danish Cancer Society Research Center, where I worked until 2021 developing software for statistical cancer research.
Before that I worked with content management and pricing systems for travel products.

I am a member of the board of DTU Climbing, one of the largest climbing clubs in Denmark.
I was for a long time a member of the board of the small internet service provider K-Net. I was vice chairman of the board for a few years. I also used to volunteer in the K-Net Operations Group.

I once volunteered at the Vermilion Racing team at DTU, where I designed safety critical electronics in collaboration with a number of other people, but unfortunately I don't have the time any more.


If you would like to see a more detailed resume, you can visit my LinkedIn page.
If you would like to check out what I am working on, you can visit my GitHub page.

For inquiries relating to my job, please write me at fkjac@dtu.dk.
If you want to talk about something else, please write me at fkjacobsen@gmail.com.

I am currently on a research visit to the UK, and am thus not in office.