02685 Scientific Computing for Differential Equations

02685 Scientific Computing for Differential Equatons is given in the spring semester
every monday, 08:00-12:00, and every thursday, 13:00-17:00.

In that course, I give 6 lectures related to Runge-Kutta methods for systems of differential equations.

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Lectures - Runge-Kutta methods

Lecture 01 - Introduction to one-step methods (Runge-Kutta methods)

Lecture 02 - Explicit Runge-Kutta methods

Lecture 03 - Order conditions, stability, and Runge-Kutta methods

Lecture 04 - Adaptive step-size control and Runge-Kutta methods

Lecture 05 - Implementation of implicit Runge-Kutta methods

Lecture 06 - Runge-Kutta methods for event based systems, index-1 DAEs, and PDEs


Assignment 1 - Runge-Kutta Methods