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Matlab Software for Regularization of Discrete Ill-Posed Problems

  • AIR Tools II is a Matlab package of Algebraic Iterative Reconstruction methods for inverse problems.

  • IR Tools is a Matlab package of Iterative Regularization methods and test problems for linear inverse problems. The package is a collaborative effort with Silvia Gazzola, University of Bath, and James G. Nagy, Emory University.

  • Regularization Tools (Version 4.0 for Matlab 7.3) is a Matlab package for analysis and solution of discrete ill-posed problems. The software and the manual are available, as well as some additional functions that provide new functionality.

  • mxTV is a software package for Total Variation image reconstruction. The core software is written in C, and with mex interfact to Matlab.

  • TVReg is a software package for 3D tomography using Total Variation regularization. The core software is written in C, and with mex interfact to Matlab.

  • ABBA contains files related to the use of AB-GMRES and BA-GMRES as regularizing iterations for CT problems.

  • FA18 contains a few Matlab files for the book Computed Tomography: Algorithms, Insight, and Just Enough Theory.

Matlab Software for Rank-Deficient Problems

  • UTV Tools is a package of 46 Matlab functions for computing and modifying rank-revealing decompositions, with focus on URV and ULV decompositions.

  • UTV Expansion Pack, with extensions and new methods, is also available.

Python Software for Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems

As part of the research initiative CUQI we develop computional methods and software for uncertainty quantification for inverse problems. The software development is headed by Senior Researcher Jakob Sauer Jørgensen.
  • CUQIpy is a Python package which implements a computational abstraction layer for UQ studies of inverse problems, aimed at non-experts.