Talks by Per Christian Hansen

Talks as Invited Speaker

Other Talks

Pdf-files with presentations from some of my other talks are available on this page. Among the talks are:
  • Limited-Data CT for Underwater Pipeline Inspection
  • Regularization in Tomography - Dealing with Ambiguity and Noise
  • Tomographic Image Reconstrution Using Training Images
  • Image Deblurring with Krylov Subspace Methods
  • A Parameter-Choice Method that Exploits Residual Information
  • Image Deblurring in the Light of the Cosine Transform
  • Convergence and Non-Convergence of Algebraic Iterative Reconstruction Methods
  • Semi-Convergence Properties of Kaczmarz's Method (ART)
  • Semi-Convergence and Relaxation Paramters for a Class of SIRT Algorithms
  • Total Variation and Tomographic Imaging from Projections